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Built on a hill ridge between the Era and Cecina valleys of the rivers, surrounded by a double curtain walls (the Etruscan and medieval), Volterra, near Pisa is one of the most important towns of Tuscany, is the presence of monuments that attest to the civilizations that have occurred over thirty centuries, both for the working of Tuscany, whose products constitute one of the most typical and traditional Italian craft products.

Volterra is a town not yet contaminated by the stress of modern life and who comes here has the impression of being in front of a particular city, where he has seems to live in among the narrow streets of a medieval village between trades that are rooted in a past Etruscan.

With its predominantly medieval appearance, it retains abundant evidence of the Etruscan period, as the Gate Arch, the Acropolis, the walls still visible in some areas of the city.
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